Spiritual Coaching and Counseling

One of Dawna’s primary goals is to assist her clients in initiating and developing relationships with their divine helpers by and for themselves. Through the approach of spirit/spiritual coaching and counseling, she will help you discover and recognize your own inner guidance (whether it comes from God, Higher Power, Spirit, Source, or from your highest self).

Dawna will help you learn to connect with those energies for your highest guidance and good. She will also assist you to rid yourself of blocks and “baggage” that prevent your fully connecting to the divine assistance that is always available to you.

Dawna provides Spiritual Coaching and Counseling only via telephone, for two reasons. First, speaking with Dawna by telephone enables you to create your own “safe space/place” (a physical space, as well as an emotional/spiritual space) with which you can connect at any time, without your needing her assistance. Second, providing coaching/counseling by telephone provides everyone, anywhere, to take advantage of this service.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule some Spiritual Coaching/Counseling sessions, please Contact Dawna.



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