As an intuitive Medium, Dawna can help you connect/reconnect with your “departed” loved ones through their energy and their spirit. She can help you really know that, even though they may have moved on to the “other side,” your connection continues!

Dawna uses claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairvoyance (clear seeing) to make connections with the spirits and energies of family members, friends, animal companions/pets, and others who have “died.” During a mediumship session, she is often able to describe what your loved ones looked like, provide their names, and pass along messages from them. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions, and Dawna will convey their responses.

Animal Companion/Pet Readings

Because of Dawna’s close connections with animals, she can often provide you physical descriptions of beloved animals that have passed over. She will be able to describe their behaviors, habits, and individual traits or quirks. She will also give you information about the current interactions your animal companions/pets have with you spiritually, even though they are no longer in physical form.

In situations where an animal companion/pet is ill and/or aging and is preparing to transition to the other side, Dawna can work with you and your animal before and after its passing, helping you to deal with the loss of the physical and connecting you to the spiritual. This is a service that many clients have found especially helpful, especially as Dawna does not have to be in the physical presence of you and/or the animal to assist you.

A Mediumship session with Dawna will occur by telephone or via email, generally in 30-minute and 60-minute increments (personalized to your own situation).

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment for a Mediumship session, please Contact Dawna.




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