Dawna is a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Spirit Coach, an Angel Therapy Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherapist. Clients come to Dawna for a number of different spiritual services; Dawna can act as your spiritual coach, your psychic counselor, your clairvoyant, introduce you to your angels or help you reconnect with those you have loved and lost as your medium; whatever service you require, Dawna will be your intuitive personal guide to the spiritual world.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina area, Dawna provides her services in person locally, or by phone or via email to clients anywhere around the world. Dawna has many clients who seek email or phone psychic readings, pet channeling, pet readings and other spiritual guidance from afar; read some client testimonials to better understand how Angel Guided may be able to help you.

Our Spiritual Services

Mediumship - Reconnect with loved ones

Life is all about building relationships; we strive to make intuitive connections with the people and pets we love. When we lose those that are close to us, we lose that connection and feel a tremendous sense of loss. As a Medium, Dawna can help you reconnect and ease that loss using claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance.

Angel Readings - Connect with your angels

Have you ever just escaped injury or somehow avoided a serious accident? If so, it was your guiding angels that saved you because it wasn’t ‘your time.’ Angel readings, when performed by a professional psychic reader like Dawna, will introduce you to your angels and open a channel for ongoing guidance.  

Clairvoyant Readings – Providing answers

If you have questions about your present and your future, Dawna can help; you will feel more on track and more connected after a clairvoyant reading.

Spiritual Coaching & Counseling

Dawna will take you through a process that will help you to connect with your guides and/or inner guidance, helping you experience a more fulfilling and rewarding spiritual connection.

If you have a question or would like to speak to Dawna about your personal situation, please Contact Dawna.




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